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Information about Country Village Real Estate

Hidden in the serene expanse of Upper Yucaipa, Country Village stands as a distinguished PUD/Condo subdivision, offering residents a harmonious blend of tranquil living and modern amenities. The Country Village Homeowners Association provides an experience with a host of offerings including a sparkling swimming pool, rejuvenating spa, inviting clubhouse, and picturesque greenbelts intertwined with scenic walking paths, fostering a sense of community and leisure. Embracing a low-maintenance lifestyle, the units within Country Village are free-standing, situated on manageable lots, ensuring ease and convenience for residents. Positioned on the border of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in California, Country Village finds itself approximately 65 miles northeast of the vibrant pulse of Los Angeles and a mere 40 miles west of the renowned desert haven of Palm Springs. Enveloped by a Mediterranean climate, the region experiences occasional summer highs exceeding 100°F, while winters gracefully linger just below freezing, with scant snowfall, preserving the mild ambiance year-round. Yucaipa, CA boasts a climate revered for its temperance, offering a welcome respite from the extremes found in other parts of the United States, while also providing convenient access to nearby attractions such as the scenic splendor of Big Bear, the sun-kissed allure of Palm Springs, the glitz of Hollywood, and the dynamic energy of San Diego. Residents of Country Village enjoy seamless utility provisions from trusted providers like Southern California Edison and SoCal Gas Company, ensuring uninterrupted living experiences. For those seeking deeper insights into the Country Village real estate landscape, consider tapping into the expertise of esteemed Yucaipa Real Estate Consultant, Roger Flowers, for personalized guidance and comprehensive information. Welcome to Country Village—where serenity meets modern comfort, creating an idyllic retreat amidst the vibrant tapestry of Yucaipa.

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