The Aesthetics of Aging In Place

Dated: April 29 2021

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If you or someone you know plans to age in place, then adding safety and convenience features to your house now can make it easier to stay longer. Homeowners often worry that incorporating those features will be unattractive, so here are a few suggestions for getting what you need without sacrificing aesthetics. 

  • For homeowners living in two-level homes, a stairlift can be an option. While you can't completely hide a stairlift, you can have folding seats and footrests, so they tuck away out of sight better. 
  • Using a folding shower bench made of teak and chrome can create a more luxurious appearance than plastic.
  • Lighted and angled mirrors in the bathroom can help homeowners with their morning routine without leaning into the mirror across a counter.
  • Door, window, and cabinet latches can be replaced with easy-opening options that someone with arthritis can manage. 
  • Wooden railings and grab bars instead of chrome can add support options where necessary and practical, without making the home look industrial. 
  • Adding smart technology to appliances can reduce accidents (leaving the stove on), and improve accessibility (turn lights and fans on and off). 
  • Replacing drawers, pantries, and cupboards with pull-out options make it easier to reach things. Homeowners will wonder why they never did it before.

There are many more possibilities to consider. Do some research about home décor and aging in place for more ideas. Let's keep our parents and ourselves at home as long as possible as we age!

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